In Surrey last year more than 11,500 tonnes of clothes and home textiles that could have been reused or recycled were thrown away.

All clothes and home textiles can be recycled as long as they are clean and dry.

You can recycle:

  • Clothes like shirts, coats, tights and underwear.
  • Home textiles like towels and sheets.
  • Accessories like pairs of shoes, belts and bags.

To find out how you can recycle your clothes and home textiles visit our recycling where you live page. 

Clothes are either sorted to be worn again in the UK or abroad, or recycled into useful products like felt, insulation or stuffing.

You might also be able to repair your clothes or home textiles. Repair cafes are springing up across the county and courses are available to learn sewing skills. Another idea is to hold a swishing event to swap items you no longer want but can still be used. Visit our repair and rewear page to find out more.