Everyone in Surrey can recycle tins and cans at home. Find out which bin to put metal in or where to take it with the recycling search tool.

Yes please:

  • Drinks cans
  • Food tins like soup, baked beans and pet food tins
  • Toiletry tins like lip balm, hair gel and moisturiser tins
  • Lids - please separate from tins
  • Clean aluminium foil and trays - check the recycling search tool to see how to recycle these where you live (not everyone can recycle these from their homes).

No thanks:

  • Metal pots, pans or cutlery
  • Metal car parts, bicycle parts or other scrap metal
  • Food and drink pouches like pet and baby food
  • Crisp packets and tubes
  • Coffee pods

Please make sure your tins and cans are empty, rinsed and dry before you put them in your recycling bin.

How are tins and cans recycled?

Cans are sorted from other waste either by hand or machine. They are then dived into metal types using magnets. Steel cans are separated leaving aluminium cans to be shredded into small pieces.

Aluminium is then formed into blocks that are put into a furnace and heated to over 750 degrees centigrade.

Chemicals are added to improve the quality of the molten metal, which is then poured into moulds, cooled with water and rolled into very thin sheets, ready to be made into more cans.

What do tins and cans become?

Food tins and drinks cans are made from steel or aluminium. Both of these items can be reprocessed into new tins and cans again and again without any loss of quality.


Scrap metal and items like pots, pans and cutlery can be recycled, but not in your recycling bin. You can take them to your nearest community recycling centre instead.

Some district or borough councils collect foil with their recycling, check our recycling page to find out if you can in your area. Foil can also be taken to your nearest community recycling centre.

Unfortunately coffee pods can't be recycled in your recycling bin at the moment due to the mix of materials they are made from. Some manufacturers offer take back schemes, so please contact the brand who make your coffee pods to see if this is possible.