Everyone in Surrey can recycle dry paper and card at home. Find out which bin to put paper and card in over the festive season, or where to take it with the recycling search tool.

Yes please (all items should be dry)

  • Greetings cards - these need to be glitter free
  • Wrapping paper - this needs to be glitter free and rippable (to make sure it isn't made from foil)
  • Paper chains
  • Junk mail
  • Envelopes
  • Receipts
  • Newspapers, magazines and catalogues
  • Cardboard boxes eg from deliveries, mince pie boxes and egg boxes
  • Cardboard tubes eg toilet roll tubes and kitchen roll tubes
  • Shredded paper - put this into a box or envelope to keep it together
  • Food and drink cartons - check the recycling search tool to see how to recycle these where you live (not everyone can recycle these from their homes).

No thanks

  • Napkins, tissues and kitchen roll
  • Glittery greetings cards and wrapping paper
  • Wrapping paper made from foil - if it won't rip it can't be recycled
  • Greaseproof paper and parchment paper
  • Takeaway paper coffee cups
  • Wet paper and card
  • Wallpaper
  • Paper and cardboard with food residue and grease like pizza boxes and fish and chips wrapping

How is paper and card recycled?

Your paper and card is turned into pulp with water and chemicals to separate the fibres. The pulp is sprayed onto a fast moving mesh to form sheets.

The sheets are flattened and passed through heated rollers to make them the right thickness. The paper is then wound onto large rolls.

What does paper and card become?

Paper mills make a variety of papers from different recycled materials including; newspapers, cardboard boxes, writing paper, toilet rolls and tissue paper. In only seven days your newspaper could be recycled and made into next week's newspaper.


  • Shredded paper can be recycled, just place it in an envelope or cereal box to keep it together in your recycling bin.
  • Paper and card with glitter on them can't be recycled as the glitter can't be filtered out in the recycling process.
  • Some wrapping paper if made from foil can't be recycled. To test it try to rip it, or do the 'scrunch test' - if it won't rip or springs back when scrunched up it can't be recycled.
  • Paper and card (including shredded paper) can also be composted at home, it's a great material to balance out more moisture rich items like grass cuttings - in your compost bin or heap.
  • You can also reduce the amount of junk mail you receive to reduce paper waste.