Everyone in Surrey can recycle glass bottles and jars at home. Find out which bin to put glass in or where to take it with the recycling search tool.

Yes please:

  • Glass bottles like drinks bottles, cooking oil and dressing bottles
  • Glass jars like jam, sauce and paste jars and cream, medicine and moisturiser jars

No thanks:

  • Drinking glasses like wine glasses, flutes and tumblers
  • Pyrex and glass ovenware
  • Sheet glass, windows and mirrors
  • Light bulbs
  • Spectacles

Please make sure your glass bottles and jars are empty, rinsed and dry before you place them in your recycling container.

How are glass bottles and jars recycled?

What do glass bottles and jars become?

Once your glass bottles and jars have been recycled they become either more glass bottles and jars, or are ground up to be used in roads.


Light bulbs can be recycled at your local community recycling centre.

Please do not put Pyrex, glass ovenware or wine glasses, flutes and tumblers in your recycling bin; if they're undamaged you could donate them to a charity shop. These glasses melt at a different temperature to glass bottles and jars so can’t be recycled in the same way.