You can use plastic bags in your food waste caddyYou can now line your food waste caddy with plastic bags or liners, which makes it easier, cheaper and cleaner to recycle your food waste.

What can I use?

To line your caddy, you could buy plastic bags on a roll such as pedal bin liners or reuse plastic bags you already have, like shopping bags that are coming to the end of their life.

Food bags, such as bread, salad or cereal bags can also be used. They are perfect for lining your kitchen caddy and getting smelly food into your outside food waste bin straight away. All you need to do is tie them up and drop them straight in.

Whatever bag you use, remember to check for holes first. You can also still use newspaper or leftover compostable liners in your caddy.

What’s the benefit?

Residents have told us that compostable liners are expensive and can tear or leak, meaning recycling your food waste can sometimes be a bit smelly or messy. Plastic bags are cheaper and stronger than compostable liners.

Are there any exceptions?

We can only take plastic bags - no other packaging can be accepted. Also black bin liners can’t be used in case the collection crew think it’s rubbish.

Can I put plastic bags in my recycling bin?

Some district and borough councils can accept plastic bags in their recycling collections, please check this list of what you can recycle where you live.

What happens to the plastic bags?

Food waste is taken to an anaerobic digestion plant, where new machinery splits and removes the bags or liners. After being extracted from the food waste the bags or liners are taken to an energy from waste plant to be turned into electricity.