Garden waste like grass cuttings, hedge trimmings or fallen leaves can be recycled in three ways;

Composting at home

You can buy a reduced priced bin by visiting the Get Composting website for traditional composters, or the Great Green Systems website for digesters which also accept food waste (that is not suitable for traditional compost bins).

Garden waste collections

Visit your local district or borough website for more information, or see more information about your recycling service by selecting your district or borough council in our recycling information.

Visit a recycling centre

You can take your garden waste to one of 15 locations across Surrey. More details can be found on the Surrey County Council website.

Garden waste shouldn't be put into your rubbish bin as it is bad for the environment and expensive for the taxpayer. It is also illegal to dump your garden waste for the council to collect or in parks or woodland. This is fly-tipping and should be reported if seen.