Tip it

Your waste is your responsibility

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste on land, usually at the side of roads and on private land. It can range from a black bag of household rubbish to van-loads of building rubbish.

Every householder, business and landowner is responsible for the proper removal of waste from their property. This includes waste removed by any trader or contractor on your behalf. So if you're having work done in your home, office or garden, it's important to check that your contractor is a registered waste carrier and will dispose of the waste properly.

If caught, fly-tippers can be issued fixed penalty notices of up to £400 for small scale fly-tipping, or could face an unlimited fine or imprisonment for larger fly-tipping incidents.

Reporting fly-tipping

If you see fly-tipping in progress, please call 999 and ask for the police. If you've found waste already fly-tipped, please report it to your district or borough council.

To search for your local council by postcode, go to the gov.uk website.

If a road is blocked and is impassable, report fly-tipping on the highway to Surrey County Council.

Watch our fly-tipping film