Why use cloth nappies

Cloth nappy baby

There are many reasons to use cloth nappies (also known as real nappies):

  • Babies that use cloth nappies are often potty-trained earlier than others, and there's no greater risk of nappy rash.
  • Save money: overall you're likely to spend less than you would on disposable nappies - and if you have another child, it won't cost you any more.
  • Using them could halve your household waste.
  • They are simple to use and can be used with liners that are washable or flush away.

Borrow a trial kit for free

Trial kits can be borrowed for at least two weeks and contain a range of nappies to help you decide which suits you and your baby best.

For more information see our cloth nappy trial kit information pack.

You must live in Surrey and pay your council tax to a Surrey district or borough council to receive this service. You can check if your address is in Surrey.

To arrange a trial please contact one of the trial kit hosts below.

Location Trial kit host Contact email


Cheryl clane@epsom.surrey.sch.uk


Kirsty kirsty.bilham@guildfordnscc.surrey.sch.uk
Staines Sarah



Kate wokingnappylibrary@hotmail.co.uk




Children's centre advisers



Dorking NCT parentsupport.dorking@nct.org.uk

Becoming a trial kit host

If you would like to host a trial kit and offer advice to local families about using cloth nappies, please email info@recycleforsurrey.org.uk.